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Serie | 6 Fully integrated dishwasher 60 cm


Energy-efficient dishwashers with PerfectDry technology ensure the best drying results and offer extra space for all kitchen utensils that are difficult to place.

Boschi integreeritav ahi, auru- ja mikrolainefunktsiooniga
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Serie | 8 Built-in oven with steam and microwave function 60 x 60 cm Carbon black


Integrated with PerfectBake Plus, PerfectRoast Plus, microwave and steam, the oven displays the time it takes to achieve a perfectly crisp result in minutes.

Boschi integreeritav täisautomaatne kohvimasin
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Serie | 8 Built-in fully automatic coffee machine black


The espresso machine integrated with Home Connect allows you to conveniently prepare a variety of drinks.

Boschi õhupuhastussüsteemiga induktsioonpliidiplaat
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Serie | 8 Induction hob with integrated air cleaning system 80 cm


The induction hob with integrated ventilation module combines the best induction technology with the best ventilation technology to achieve excellent results.

Boschi allatõmbega köögiõhupuhasti
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Serie | 8 80 cm clear glass extractor hood


The GlassDraft module provides excellent extraction directly behind the hob, regardless of the height and location of the pot.

Neffi integreeritav ahi
Neff kodutehnika

N 90 Built-in oven 60 x 60 cm graphite


This integrated oven provides unobstructed access to the inside of the oven thanks to the Slide & Hide® door that can be pushed down the swivel handle.

Neffi induktsioonpliidiplaat
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N 90 Induction hob 60 cm black


Stand-alone FlexInduction hob controlled by the TwistPad button.

Neffi integreeritav külmik-sügavkülmik, sügavkülmik
Neff kodutehnika

N 90 Built-in refrigerator-freezer, freezer under 177.2 x 55.8 cm


The refrigerator, which integrates with FreshSafe 3 and NoFrost technology, keeps food fresh for up to 3 times longer and prevents ice from forming in the refrigerator.

Neffi täielikult integreeritav nõudepesumasin
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N 90 Fully integrated dishwasher 60 cm XXL


This extremely flexible dishwasher signals when it is running, fits even custom-made furniture and can be supplemented with a third shelf.

neffi integreeritav kompaktahi, mikrolainefunktsiooniga
Neff kodutehnika

N 90 Built-in compact oven with microwave function 60 x 45 cm graphite


This compact integrated oven with microwave function and multi-point meat thermometer offers even more opportunities to achieve the perfect degree of cooking maturity quickly and conveniently.

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