Making furniture from the original idea to installation! We use materials, fittings and kitchen equipment from world-class manufacturers.

Furniture manufacturing

We offer custom furniture from the garage to the bathroom, wood to metal and glass. We are by your side from ordering furniture to installation. We choose the right material, fittings and kitchen equipment together. 

We help to avoid common mistakes. We make an exact drawing and make personal and high-quality furniture for you. During installation, we monitor every detail so that the new furniture fits well in your home.

We also connect household appliances, ie make sanitary and electrical connections.

We use materials, fittings and kitchen equipment from world-class manufacturers.
In the manufacture of furniture we use experienced and recognized Germany and Austria
manufacturers of fittings: Blum, Häfele, Hettich.

Materials & fittings

The frame can be made of a material suitable for the customer: melamine,
plywood, laminated plywood, veneered or laminated veneer sheets,
glulam board. As the carcass does not stand out later, it is made
at the request of customers mostly melamine, which is one of the most affordable materials.
Different colors such as black, gray, white are also available here

Facades can be made of different materials. We use
solid wood, veneered or high-pressure laminated furniture boards (plywood, MDF,
PLP), linoleum or glass covered furniture boards. We offer as a finish
varnishing, staining, oiling, painting and high-gloss painting. In addition
solid wood can still be brushed or aged.

Laminates can be used as worktop materials
furniture board, solid wood, natural stone, artificial stone, glass and steel sheet.

With the choice of all materials and finishing options is possible before
order from us.

For household appliances, we offer products from German companies: Bosch,
NEFF. Thanks to the long history of these companies, constantly renewed
technology and product testing may be mentioned by the aforementioned manufacturers
be sure of the quality of fittings and household appliances.

We help to avoid common mistakes

Unsuitable material:

High-quality material is not always the most expensive choice in the long run.
It is recommended to choose more moisture-resistant materials for kitchens and bathrooms
and finishing to prevent water damage. Mostly a must
furniture made of high-quality materials and properly maintained
for decades.

Non-functional fittings:

Frequently used drawers and doors should be equipped
with high-quality hinge and rail systems. Today you can choose
between many different solutions: quiet closing, electrically
opening, illuminated variants upon opening, etc. It can also be cunning
solutions to take advantage of all the corners and corners of the corners by placing
specially opening hinge, shelf and drawer systems. Accordingly
customer needs and furniture functionality can be made very smart

Wrong finish:

Depending on the purpose of the room, you also need to choose the right furniture finish. Yard and
for more humid rooms, special more durable ones have been developed
finishing products. Also indoors. A thick layer of varnish may not always be
be the safest choice, quality oil is often sufficient. Before
preparation of the final price offer, we will discuss inappropriate material,
fittings and finishing options are sure to be reviewed with the customer.

Wrong choice of household appliances:

If you want integrated home appliances, ordering is the safest option
them from us.
In this case, we can perform additional specifying measurements already at the production stage
and no measurement errors occur during installation. In addition
we integrate machines into furniture and connect to the sanitary and electrical network.

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